Belinda Strauss



This summer I was given the awesome opportunity of being the camp nanny. I so loved every minute that I got to spend with these precious camp kids. However, one week near the first half of the summer, I actually got to be a counselor for a week because of so many counselors getting sick. This week as a counselor meant so much to me. I had been a counselor previous summers at LFR and other camps for four summers of my life so being a camp counselor was something that I had done and something that I definitely missed getting to do. I never anticipated getting the opportunity to step into that role whatsoever. I had made my peace with not being a counselor again but I remember lamenting that I had just wished I would have known that my last cabin would have been my last. In such a beautiful turn of events, God allowed me that chance to have a “last cabin.” And I could not have asked for a more perfect camp or group of campers for my last hurrah as a camp counselor. I worshipped, laughed, and cried with the precious girls in my cabin and absolutely adored every moment of it. For me, it truly was a moment to “taste and see” just how GOOD God is! I absolutely felt lavished upon by the Father in that moment. But, the best part of the entire experience was actually once the campers left and I got to step back into my role as camp nanny. I had missed those sweet kids and their moms so much! I honestly feel that God gave me that week as just a sweet present to give me that last cabin but to also give me the assurance that He had put me in the role of nanny specifically. I would not trade my role for any other, and through His grace, I’ve been poured into by the camp moms and been so sweetly loved by the camp kids. Every day I get to wake up tasting and seeing just how good He is to me by the way that the year-round staff families love me.