Camp Macon Coordinator • Macon, MS

This year I had the most amazing job and opportunity as the Camp Macon Coordinator. My job included preparation for all things Mission Camp Macon. For me, preparations began back in August of 2018! This week was the culmination of a year of hard work and prayer. Preparing for Camp Macon meant a lot of logistics, paperwork, communication, and coordination of a lot of moving parts. The week before student missionaries arrived I was exhausted. I had used every last bit of energy staying up late and trying to make sure no detail was overlooked. I remember thinking, “How am I going to have the energy for this week?” But He provided. Through the student missionaries and the campers He provided every last thing I needed. I wasn’t just full or energized, I was overflowing with joy and excitement. I didn’t sleep much during the week but it didn’t matter. I got to spend my day interacting with campers and student missionaries. I would talk with student missionaries about their experiences and immediately I was so full. Their joy became my joy. And it didn’t matter when problems arose. Our very first day was one that included dealing with a downpour of rain; a literal flood. But, nothing could stop what God intended to do. The student missionaries were as energetic as ever! They grabbed umbrellas and danced in the rain. I cannot understate how proud I am or how privileged I feel to have had the chance to witness the work that the student missionaries did during Camp Macon. Their outpouring of love made every hour of hard work more than worth it. The Father is just so good and getting to see how he works through Camp Macon has been a huge blessing. And leading others through this week? Pure grace.