Autumn Adams

assistant wrangler


This summer I have been able to serve the Lord in a new perspective than before. I was the assistant wrangler. It was something I have never done before, but the Lord has helped me gain a love for wrangling and finding small ways to connect with the campers.

Encouragement was a big thing I had to focus on. Campers may have needed just that little boost of confidence to hop on a horse for the first time. God also has guided me to love on the campers in a way that was different. Many kids would filter in and out of the barn. I was able to show them all the Lord’s love just through thoughtful conversations and having fun between trail rides. Some of the campers were in my cabin when I was a ministry partner, so I got to bond with them in a special way with my specific job.

Grace was also a huge thing for me this summer. I have been praying about this for months before I even got here or even got the job. When I arrived, signs of grace were everywhere. It was a couple of my campers’ names. Grace was the main focus of a Bible study. It also had a lot of meaning with my cabin partner when I was a ministry partner. I have been able to apply grace to so many different aspects of my job and in general.

God has shown me a lot of things working with the other wrangler. Being around her all the time taught me patience, love, and made me feel valued for who I am. God has blessed me with various things this summer.