Ashley Mills

Media Team

During my summer at LFR, something I was reminded of daily was the power of prayer, more specifically the power of being in constant prayer. One of the most memorable moments I had from camp this year was the first student camp during LFR after Dark. There are four different stations, and one (the mirror station) takes a little bit longer to go through than others, so campers are usually waiting outside for at least five minutes or so. I was walking around to the different stations and when I came to the mirror station, I noticed two different groups of campers that were waiting outside, but instead of whispering or standing in silence, they were huddled up and praying for one another. It warmed my heart to be able to see these students truly be moved by the gospel and partaking in constant prayer. LFR is a place like no other where campers can receive discipleship but also disciple one another. This summer has allowed me to encounter Jesus in ways that I could have never imagined, and I believe LFR does the same for every camper that comes here.