LFR Worship Team

The past few months God has broken my heart for the Muslim people and has given me a passion for sharing the love of Jesus with them. I entered the summer not knowing how that lined up with working at LFR. I knew God had something in store for me, but I had no idea what that was going to be. Being on the worship team was an incredible experience that I will never forget, but my favorite camp memory came from Camp Macon. A counselor named Lauren told me that a student missionary named Katie had been drawn towards a Muslim camper. Lauren told me that Katie wanted guidance on how to invest in her. I am so thankful that God put me on Lauren’s heart to connect with Katie. I got to mentor her on how to approach conversations with this camper and helped her prepare for questions she was going to face. At the end of our conversation, I felt led to ask Katie and Lauren to pray for her to have a vision from God. The next day Katie and the camper had great conversations and built a close friendship. The camper also wanted to know more and more about Jesus, and she even had a dream that night from God. She had a dream of “a man in the clouds calling out to her,” and she seemed deeply moved according to Katie. She did not become a believer at camp, but Katie is continuing to invest in her, and I am confident that God is working powerfully in both of them. It was so exciting to see a younger Christ-follower boldly and lovingly connect with a person that is very different and tends to be negatively stereotyped by society. I am in awe that at a Christian camp in Macon, MS God would allow me to play a role in reaching a Muslim person. I am very grateful for the doors God graciously opened for me while at LFR.