Billy Hollingsworth

First Baptist Church Madison • Madison, MS • Kids Camp
I always enjoy connecting with other Adult Leaders and Staff. This year was special and I enjoyed our Bible study time! We had 2 boys accept Jesus as Savior this week! What a blessing and a great memory for them both.

Abe Hodge

Lemoyne Blvd Baptist Church • Biloxi, MS • Kids Camp
I enjoyed spending time with our boys, especially seeing my son grow and interact with others at camp.  It was a great time of spiritual refreshment.

Shea Scarbrough

Riverwood Bible Church • Madison, MS  • Kids Camp
I love the Leader Bible study time! It’s encouraging to hear from Rich and Nick and what the Lord is doing in their hearts through studying His Word.  I feel so safe sending kids to a camp where the Director and Assistant Director are seeking God and studying His Word!

Daniel Scarbrough

Riverwood Bible Church • Madison, MS • Kids Camp
Our church doesn’t have a High School or college crowd so it’s a blessing for our kids to be discipled by someone a little closer to their age compared to their parents or Sunday School teachers. The Counselors at LFR are really amazing at finding ways to love our kids in just the few days that they have together.

Rebecca Chapman

Liberty Baptist Church • Flowood, MS • Kids Camp
It was a great time to refresh and unplug as a leader.  Loved our kids making new friends and pushed out of their comfort zone to share. One-on-ones with counselors were so meaningful to our kids!


Erin Baker

Liberty Baptist Church • Flowood, MS • Kids Camp
I was hesitant to come to camp this year – end of school year tired, planning summer tired – maybe I should stay home and recover / sleep.  I am so glad I came. Now, I am LFR tired but no longer empty. The Spirit has filled me, and He truly engulfs this place.


Amanda Quillin

Southside Baptist Church • Huntsville, AL • Kids Camp
I am glad that the Holy Spirit spoke to one of my children about being a bully at school.  I hope she continues to get tugged on by the Holy Spirit and changes her ways. I love this camp. My kids have always loved it! They look forward to coming and so do I as a leader.  You do a fabulous job. A lot of love and thought goes into it and it shows.


Corie Williamson

Hope Baptist Church • Philadelphia, MS • Kids Camp
I really enjoyed our time here. I believe you all have a great program going. Thank you for loving our kids and showing them God’s amazing love this week. Keep up the awesome work!


Samantha Sherrill

Cross Roads Baptist Church • Pelahatchie, MS • Kids Camp
This year we had 4 children accept Jesus as their Savior. The Counselors are amazing spending one-on-one time and sharing the Gospel.  The spiritual connection between all leaders / counselors was apparent and rich in the Holy Spirit.


 SuAnn Poole

Fair River Baptist Church • Brookhaven, MS • Kids Camp
This was my child’s 1st time at a camp and she fell in love with LFR. She overcame a lot this week including her fear of staying in a cabin by herself without her mom. She also climbed to the top of the rock wall and did the zip line which both were huge fears for her to overcome. Thank you for making our first Kids Camp awesome! This is one we will never forget.


Thomas Irby

Cuba Baptist Church • Cuba, AL • Kids Camp
I was blessed by the fact that one of our children accepted Christ. I loved (the speakers) Taylor and Kazoo and how they engaged the children and mixed in the Gospel with their fun and games.


Shelly Varnon

Waterbrook Church • Belden, MS • Kids Camp
One of my students had a tremendous camp experience. It was her first camp. She is very quiet and shy and she absolutely loved one-on-one time. She felt included in her cabin with the other kids (she was the only one from our church in her cabin and didn’t know anyone prior to this week).  God is beginning to work in her life and it has been a blessing to watch her this week.  The encouragement that she has received while here has been wonderful for her.

Amy Browning

Spring Hill Baptist Church • Mobile, AL • Kids Camp
As I walked through the stations at LFR after Dark, I was impressed with how my son’s counselor encouraged the boys to pray before entering each one. These 11-12 year old boys locked arms and prayed together, each taking a turn, that they would be open to hear God’s message. My son, who has speech issues, prayed out loud with his group. It brought me to tears knowing that he felt comfortable enough to share his thoughts with his peers. I am so thankful that his counselor encouraged him and loved him enough to make him feel comfortable enough to be bold among his peers. What a confidence boost for him! Thank you, thank you, thank you to his counselor, Ryan.


Jeff Wilbanks

Hunter Street Baptist Church • Hoover, AL • Kids Camp
My spiritual blessing is always seeing at least one of our preteens come to a saving faith in Christ and to see those who are disciples grow in their walk with Christ.


Connie Wilson

Faith Baptist Church • Meridian, MS • Kids Camp
When I agreed to come as a chaperone to children’s camp, I didn’t expect that the staff would be ministering to me as well. The adult Bible studies were a blessing. The free time that I had away from kids when I could enjoy the beauty of LFR to dig into God’s Word was refreshing as well. I really appreciate how much you care for the adult leaders. The one-on-one time was very beneficial to our kids. The kids looked forward to that time. Two kids that I am aware of made decisions to follow Christ and there is no blessing greater than that.


Myrtle Culpepper

Faith Baptist Church • Meridian, MS • Kids Camp
I may repeat myself…This was my first time coming. I didn’t know what to fully expect, with the exception of what my kids have told me. Two of my girls came on this trip with our church. They had been here before. They have always had positive comments on past trips to camp.  Even my 14 year old daughter that had been before, who is in youth now, loved it. There are many factors of this camp that spoke to me. The fact that their cabin leaders stay with them, I think the bond that is created is impactful to the kids. They see us adult leaders from church all the time so I think it’s wonderful that it’s done. Sometimes kids are more open with someone else. It creates a pathway for them to open up and to share things with their cabin leaders that they may not normally share with the adult leaders. My daughter Jordan still has her letter from her cabin leader, Brevard, from last year. She actually received Christ while at camp this year. I’m blown away by the one-on-one time, the interaction with the leaders, and basically all of it. I think you guys are doing great works here. I pray that will continue in the years to come. I love the fact that not only the kids get poured into spiritually, but adults too. The Bible studies / activities for the adults are wonderful. I have really enjoyed being here. I’ve had more time to be spiritually refreshed.


Andrew McNeese

Calvary Baptist  Oak Grove • Hattiesburg, MS • Kids Camp 
We had a student that received Christ during the camp!!


Raye Ann Carlisle

FBC Columbus • Columbus, MS • Kids Camp
We have a couple of children who struggle with anxiety and the Lord has used this camp to help them with that. One particular female counselor heard a devotional during devotional time that she shared with one of our girls and it was just what she needed to hear!


Julie Davis

Mt Zion Baptist Church • Columbus, MS • Kids Camp
I so love that three of my kids accepted Jesus this week. Wow! Their eternity has been changed. I really love the one-on-one that the kids get.


Hope Smith

Christian Valley Baptist Church • Livingston, AL • Kids Camp
I love LFR, its message, its personal feeling and passion for the Lord. Our children have had an overall wonderful experience. I have always described LFR as that classic camp that loves Jesus!


Marsha Flinn

Northstar Church • Saltillo, MS • Kids Camp
I’ve experienced a much needed time of renewal personally because of the extra love and care you provide for the adult leaders.


Emily Walker

First United Methodist Church • Senatobia, MS • Kids Camp
Just being here is a spiritual blessing. Being filled and renewed in God’s Word, the many blessings of salvation that were received among my children, faith in knowing lives were touched and changed will impact the future to the glory of God!


Donna Medders

Taylorville Baptist • Tuscaloosa, AL • Kids Camp
The mirror experience was good for me to see and be a part of. I struggle with self-esteem at times and it was encouraging to me. My life is such a rat race with work, home, etc… This is a place I can rest mentally and physically. Thank you for investing time in the adult leaders.


Karen Putt

FBC Kosciusko • Kosciusko, MS • Kids Camp 
Living for the Lord is a continual blessing. We do have our good and bad moments but remembering that God is our Lord is a wonderful blessing. Things end up happening in our lives and we should use it to glorify God – He is always there.


Kim Whitehead

Clarkson Baptist Church • Maben, MS • Kids Camp
Adult Bible study was just a blessing for us as leaders to get a chance to have time to ourselves and having Bible study. The kids loved every minute of camp


Ric Glover

Mt Vernon Church • Columbus, MS • Kids Camp
Witnessing some of these children have spiritual moments was very moving for me.


Callie Stone

Mt Vernon Church • Columbus, MS • Kids Camp
All of my campers (even the homesick ones) are ready to come back next year! Hearing my own son say, “I want to stay here forever!” was confirmation that this is the best camp for kids!


 Keely Duke

Taylorville Baptist Church • Tuscaloosa, AL • Kids Camp
LFR is always a blessing to our kids and adults. I always appreciate the staff and the way they love on our kids. As an adult, we enjoy all of the Bible studies and rest that we get! Thank you for the challenge to dig deeper and grow more!


Lori Sharbutt

Circlewood Baptist Church • Tuscaloosa, AL  • Kids Camp
I received several blessings and have felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me this week – He has shown me I need to be happy with myself and the way God made me! I also need to forgive myself the way God has forgiven me. I forget that at times. It has been a wonderful week as always.

Amanda Williamson

Highland Colony Baptist Church • Ridgeland, MS • Kids Camp
I always love coming to camp as a leader. It’s time for me to “unplug” from my life and really feel like a “child” of God. I always get as much if not more from camp as the kids.

Shea Scarbrough

Riverwood Bible Church • Madison, MS • Student Camp
I truly enjoyed spending time with the staff this summer. We trust the leadership in their hiring of college students – but it was a joy to hear how they love the Lord and are walking with Him! What a joy to know that Christ in them is spending time with our students!


Daniel Scarbrough

Riverwood Bible Church • Madison, MS • Student Camp
It is so comforting and reassuring as an adult leader to know my kids are continually redirected to the grace Gospel. It takes skill and practice to hear a camper’s meandering statement about God or the church or Scripture and be able to pierce through that to clearly and cleanly make the finished work of Christ the focus.


Brian Hoffbauer

First Baptist Church of Greensburg • Batesville, IN • Student Camp
We had a few kids accept Christ or rededicate their lives, so that was powerful. We really enjoy coming here and the way kids and leaders are poured into. It is such a great setting that inspires a peaceful refreshing with God


Beth Haynes 

Fairhope, AL • Student Camp
Every year I am so amazed at the intentional energy, time and spiritual growth that is lavished upon the adult leaders coming to LFR. I love watching youth workers leave camp completely refreshed and recharged for ministry. I believe what also makes LFR so wonderful is the leadership training given to the summer staff. The spiritual guidance is very evident in their relationships, conversations and attitudes. LFR pours into these counselors and staff so they can in turn pour into the teens and kids.


Michael Hornbeck

Big Ridge Baptist Church • D’Iberville, MS  • Student Camp
Great camp! Purposeful and attention getting Bible study! No emotional / manipulative altar calls but just great Bible study and powerful fellowship.


 Loyd Plunk

Walker Hill Baptist Church • Brandon, MS • Student Camp
I always feel recharged after camp and ready for another year with the kids at church


Elizabeth Reynolds

Morgan’s Chapel • Bon Secour, AL • Student Camp
Being able to talk to the counselors at the end of camp is a blessing to me, to hear what the counselors have to say about the kids. As a parent you do not get to see certain sides of your children that the counselors bring out during Bible study and one-on-one time.


Jessica Merchant

New Zion Baptist Church • Terry, MS • Student Camp
I’ve heard several kids mention that they’ve really enjoyed being able to unplug and spend some quality time focusing on their relationship with God. They’ve enjoyed being free from distractions as well.


LaKiesha Thomas

Methodist Children’s Home • Jackson, MS • Student Camp
The freedom of worship and alone time with God allowed me the opportunity to get close to God and His Word.


Denise Webster

Forest Baptist Church  • Student Camp
It has been such a blessing to see the students grow and quote different things they have received.


Kelly Hill

Methodist Children’s Home • Jackson, MS • Kids Camp
I personally have enjoyed my time at LFR. I really hate I never knew about it. I’m excited and blessed to say some of the girls that came to LFR have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and have opened their hearts and started to heal their broken hearts. I really enjoyed the speaker and teachings. The Lord really blessed him and touched so many campers’ hearts but also adult leaders.


Michael McNeil

Antioch Baptist Church • Louin, MS • Student Camp
Two of the campers I brought accepted Jesus! 

Paul Spell

Memorial Baptist Church • Richton, MS • Student Camp  
One thing that really stood out to me) was Rich Malone’s Bible study with the adults. He always finds a way, through God’s Spirit, to open my eyes to the Word of God and flip the script of things I may have learned wrong or just never put together in my mind. Thank you guys for not only investing in our students but I always look forward to the refreshing you guys give me. This place and how the Lord uses your efforts has been what has empowered me to keep going in ministry through some hard years. This year was no different. I am revived and ready to continue investing in students and whatever else the Lord has in store for my life. Thank you for always challenging me, encouraging me, and loving me through ministry. It is true that you guys do an excellent job at partnering with us.