Abbey Jacks



We serve a King so much bigger, yet so much closer than words could ever say. It has been a summer full of beauty and wonder and so much grace as we feasted on His goodness as the Body of Christ. One day while at workstaff Bible study, Mama Sandy said, “You know, it’s weird to think about, but many of you will be husbands and wives and mothers and fathers within the next 10 years.” In that moment, many of us were brought to tears at the exciting thought of getting to bring home our child for the first time to hold, nurture, teach, delight in, and be proud of. Think about how much more our ultimate Father; the Maker of the Heavens and our souls was leaping with excitement when He created us? How much more did He rejoice when we were adopted into our new eternal family and called one of His own? From before the beginning of time, He knew all of the plans He had for me. All of the things that would make me laugh until I cried, all of the sunsets I wouldn’t be able to look away from, all of the mountains in my life I would face and still stand my ground in victory, all of the beautiful souls I would cross paths with that would make the pain of loneliness feel as far as the east is from the west. All of the tears I would wipe from my eyes and the eyes of others. He knew by name all of the people that would see the beautiful soul He handcrafted for me and leave forever changed and more in love with Him. He doesn’t create anything without a purpose, especially not His own children. I got to  taste His heart of anticipation as He counted down the days until His daughter finally came home and He could wrap me so tightly in a blanket of His righteousness and holiness that would never be taken from me despite hell’s best efforts. How much more does He delight in us? How is all of the beauty and fullness we taste now only a glimpse of the depths of His heart for us? I heard a song this summer called “You Came.” Some of the lyrics are, “You stood outside my grave with tears still on Your face. I heard You say my name. My night was turned to day. YOU CAME.” What a testimony of the never-ending, patient love of our Rescuer. While listening to that song, God changed my perspective to hear Him singing the same words over me: “YOU CAME.” Never mind about the past. I cast your old self into the depths of the sea. You are forgiven and it is finished. It can’t be undone. I’m just glad you’re home. I’ve waited for so long.” So many beautiful people, beautiful moments, beautiful pieces of art in creation have taken my breath away time after time this summer.. While praising my Maker for how captivating He is, I heard Him say to me, “My dear, you take my breath away even more than I take yours away.” May we continue to sing the same songs of love over one another as they echo into eternity. I’m confident we will never see the end of His glory.